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draft riot 6.jpg
This black and white etching appeared in the New York newspapers to give readers a sense of what the draft riots were like. A crowd of several hundred rioters attempted to enter and vandalize the newspaper office of notorious Republican editor's New…

draft riot 4.jpg
This image from Frank Leslie's illustrated magazine was printed on the same day that the Boston Draft Riot was occurring (July 14, 1863), but is actually depicting an episode of the NYC Draft Riot. Colonel O'Brien is depicted, who was involved in…

This image depicts both the canister and the musket balls which are contained within the canister. The balls are packed with sawdust or gunpowder which burns up or explodes after the canister is fired from a cannon.

This is a Confederate 12 Pounder Canister Shot. It is similar to the one used to quell the rioters at the Cooper Street Armory during the Boston Draft Riot. But, at Cooper Street a 6-pound canister shot was used, half the size of this one. …
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