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Nevett 1.jpg
In this letter dated February 12, 1862, a man named John Nevett is requesting clemency and sentence commutation for a convicted murderer named Patrick Fitzgerald. The request was sent to Mississippi Governor John Pettus. Fitzpatrick killed a man…

Avirett letter page 1.png
In this letter, Confederate officer John Avirett Jr. is requesting that the Governor of Mississippi commute the murder sentence of David Henderson.

B.F. Jackson petition p1.jpg
This letter from Lawyer John Thompson of Ripley. Mississippi was sent to Mississippi Governor John Pettus. it is a request for a pardon for murderer B.F. Jackson.

Green Smith petition p1.jpg
A letter written by lawyer John W. Thompson to Mississippi Governor John Pettus, requesting a pardon for a man named Green Smith who was convicted of murder.

Notice in the paper that the Adams County (Mississippi) Circuit Court convicted Patrick Fitzgerald of murder. Provides a scathing account of Mr. Fitzgerald.

A brief article in the paper reporting that Mississippi Governor McRae had granted Patrick Fitzgerald a respite from execution. It was postponed from December of 1856 to February of 1857.

Panola County map.jpg
Map of Panola County, Mississippi.

Vicksburg Whig 1860.jpg
A clipping from the Vicksburg Whig which gives details about the brutal murder of a negro by a Mr. H. Henderson.

southern ideas of Liberty.jpg
Print depicting the hanging of a northern abolitionist, with tar boiling in the background, and the judge passing sentence sitting upon cotton, tobacco and the Constitution.

Photo of Vicksburg Mississippi.jpg
A albumen photograph of the city of Vicksburg, MS taken sometime during the Civil War, 1861-1865.
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