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Avirett letter page 1.png
In this letter, Confederate officer John Avirett Jr. is requesting that the Governor of Mississippi commute the murder sentence of David Henderson.

Plan of Boston 1863.JPG
A street map of Boston from 1863. This map depicts street names, railroads, waterfront wharves, very large buildings, public squares and parks. Also depicts city wards and congressional/ draft districts.

Bunker Hill Monument, Boston, MA.jpg
Location of Boston Massachusetts

A Map depicting the location of Boston, Massachusetts

The location of Troy, New York

Cairo 3.jpg
Photo image of the U.S.S. Cairo, as it is preserved and on display at Vicksburg National Military Park, Mississippi.

southern ideas of Liberty.jpg
Print depicting the hanging of a northern abolitionist, with tar boiling in the background, and the judge passing sentence sitting upon cotton, tobacco and the Constitution.

Figure 1.png
This section of the 1863 map of Boston, MA focuses in on the area where the draft riot occurred - the North End and Downtown neighborhoods. The notation below the map indicates streets, public squares and buildings where significant episodes of the…

Return of 2nd New York Volunteer Infantry.jpg
This is an engraving in Frank Leslie's Illustrated newspaper (from February 27th, 1864) depicting the New York City fire department welcoming home the 2nd New York Volunteer Infantry.

draft riot 4.jpg
This image from Frank Leslie's illustrated magazine was printed on the same day that the Boston Draft Riot was occurring (July 14, 1863), but is actually depicting an episode of the NYC Draft Riot. Colonel O'Brien is depicted, who was involved in…
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