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Mississippi River from Vicksburg 1864.jpg
A stereographic card of the port of Vicksburg, Mississippi.

Newark on 1860 New Jersey map.jpg
This is the lower right detail of the "1860 Topographical Map of New Jersey." It depicts the city streets and geographic setting.

19th Century New York prisoners.jpg
This is a photograph of prisoners in New York City from the 19th Century. The prisoners liberated from the prison in Troy likely had a similar appearance.

This is a Confederate 12 Pounder Canister Shot. It is similar to the one used to quell the rioters at the Cooper Street Armory during the Boston Draft Riot. But, at Cooper Street a 6-pound canister shot was used, half the size of this one. …

Ropewalks 2.png
Here were two additional ropewalks in Salem. Mrs. Brown Cordage Factory was located to the east of Washington Square, parallel to Briggs Street. William Frye's Rope Manufactory was located on Webb Street along the southern side of Collins Cove. …
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